5 Keys to a New Love in a New Year

A new year has dawned and you woke up still single. “What will be different this year?” you ask yourself. Consider these five keys to embracing a new year and finding a new love.

1. DECIDE you are ready.

Sometimes the best first step to making changes in your life is to make a decision to do so. Did I just hear you say that you’ve already made the decision to find love and be open to dating? Are you sure you actually made the decision or are you just going along with the I’m-still-single-tide, and floating with whatever happens in life without actually putting much thought or effort into it. Making a conscious, deliberate decision sets a real intention that you are actually ready for whatever may happen, good or not.

2. DO something about it.

Right after making an actual decision is doing something about it. Never tried online dating? Now is the time. Click for 11 reasons to online date to help get you started. Never accepted a blind date? Why not? Because you tried once and it didn’t work out? That doesn’t mean that the next one will turn out the same. Been thinking about taking up a new hobby? It’s a great time to learn something new and go places where there will be men. Where you will find your Mr. Right might be mystery, but whether you are taking action to help fate along is squarely your responsibility.

3. BE OPEN to the possibilities in a new year for a new love.

The romantic love you seek with your Mr. Wonderful who will snuggle with you on the couch could be closer than you think. Listen to the opportunities to go to the unexpected party invitation, a business event, or the neighbor’s BBQ. There are many stories of lifelong love that was discovered with someone who was just under your nose. You just hadn’t quite been in the right place to meet him yet. Don’t waste a new year or you won’t find a new love. Thinking you are too busy to date? You’ll find help in these Top 10 Dating Tips for Busy People, click here.

4. STOP ASSUMING that nothing works and that all the good ones are taken.

Your ‘this sucks’ attitude is messing with your dating mojo. Carrying that ‘not again’ or ‘why should I bother’ sneer weighs you down and zaps the energy out of you. You can’t possibly show up as your best self when you are carrying around all that baggage. Instead of assuming that ‘this will never work’, maybe consider that it might. What have you got to lose by trying?

5. Have FUN!

I’m a bit of a broken record on letting the process be fun. So many times I hear about how much work it takes to date, and the effort you put into it, that it sounds like a prison sentence for singles. Snap out of it!

Click for the rest of my advice on having fun with dating in my column on SWExperts (Singles Warehouse Experts).

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and loving new year! May you all find the relationship you seek.

Date Deliberately,


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