How do you know if he’s Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?

28 Days to Reboot Your Love Life

We’re all prone to common mistakes like searching for Mr. Perfect, continuing to put up with Mr. Jerk, or settling for Mr. He’ll Do. One or all of those may sound familiar.

If you’re ready to shift how you pick the men you date, then this program is for you.

This four session fun and focused experience will help you:

> Boost your inner strength to walk away when he isn’t a match
> Create a life-altering breakthrough epiphany and stop old dating patterns
> Learn the 15 signs of trouble and what to do about them
> Discover what you really want, and why, and how to know when you’ve found it
> Understand the #1 relationship killer and the best way to fix it
> Know yourself and your desires for love from a new perspective
> Learn the surprising advice to make dating simple

Available as private sessions or a group class.

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Online Dating for Beginners

(or those who want help to do it better)

Jump start your online dating experience with answers to the questions, “which site is best for me?”,  “how does it work?” and “what do I say?”

This two week one-on-one program ignites your courage and confidence to date smarter and have fun!  Includes edits and improvements to your online dating profile to best convey who you are.

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