It’s a New Year – Letting Go of Last Year

Last time I shared 5 Keys to a New Love in a New Year though some of you might not quite be ready for that yet. Your first step might be examining last year to let go of what you didn’t like, and acknowledge what you did like, before you can look ahead. Use this empowering guidance to allow yourself to live now and then move forward.

Let it be Your Past

Last year is done so let it be over. Dragging the bad stuff around with you is not helping you live today or be happy about tomorrow. It might help to review the year, including the great things that happened, before you list what things didn’t work the way you wanted. Be careful of getting stuck in the painful things and using this exercise as an excuse to prove to yourself what a crappy year it was. Instead, make these lists so you can acknowledge everything that happened – good or not so good. Then make your peace that it’s over and celebrate everything you have to be grateful for. It’s a new year! Revel in it!

Center in Your Good

If you’re one of the people who is feeling low about last year, or you know someone who is, try this exercise. Get out a pen and make a list of all the terrific things about yourself. Ask yourself these questions: 1) What do you value most about you?, and 2) What you are proud of? It might sound a little fluffy to some of you though I suspect if that was your reaction, you need to do this the most. For those of you who thought “I have no idea” let the questions percolate within you. The answers will come. For those of you who already had a list in mind – awesome! You are on your way to centering in your good.

Make Deliberate Decisions

Now that you’ve examined your past year and re-centered in all of the great things that make you, you, step into this year by owning each decision you make. Yes I realize there are many things that happen that are beyond our control, though what you do about them is absolutely within your realm of influence. Remember that and make deliberate decisions instead of going with the tide and waking up this time next year still wondering why nothing has changed.

Do Something

One more list – write down the top three things you’d like to continue this year and the top three things you’d like to change. Next write down what you are going to do to ensure what you want continues and what you want to change actually shifts. Then DO something! You’ll feel so empowered that the sense of accomplishment will wash over you with pure joy. Go get ‘em!

Live and Date Deliberately,


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