Debra loves to speak for groups, either live or virtual events. Three of her most requested programs are below.

How do you know if he’s Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?

An abbreviated version of the coaching program, Debra shares a fresh perspective on dating and choosing candidates for Mr. Right. You’ll learn the top 5 signs of trouble, what happens when know what you want, and build the courage to know the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong.

The Myths of Online Dating Explained

Online dating is growing in appeal as a way to meet potential mates, yet is fraught with myths and disasters. Learn how to navigate the myths, if they apply to you, and create a fun and adventurous online experience in your quest for love.

Choose Your Life

An inspirational program to jump start your life from here on!  Ignite your strength and center within your own value as you boost your belief in yourself, ability to make good decisions, and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

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