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FREE TELESEMINAR: How do you know if he’s Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?

Whether you’re starting over, or starting again, join me in this free one-hour teleseminar for an action packed, inspiring program with a fresh perspective on dating and finding love.

We’re all prone to common mistakes like searching for Mr. Perfect, continuing to put up with Mr. Jerk, or settling for Mr. He’ll Do. The truth is, love is blind only if you are, and I want to help you make better choices and find happiness, instead of repeating mistakes and then wondering what to do now.

What you’ll uncover in this free one-hour teleseminar “How do you know if he’s Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?”:

>Learn the surprising advice to make dating simple.
>Recognize the signs of trouble or if he has potential.
>Stop being a dating chameleon and changing into whatever he wants.
>Save yourself the time and frustration of dating Mr. Wrong and date candidates for Mr. Right.
>Discover the real secret of choosing your Mr. Right.


Choose from February 4 or February 18, 2014

6:30pm Central

Where: Teleseminar so you just need a phone and your couch.

HOW TO REGISTER: Email to reserve your spot and I’ll send you the private dial-in number.


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